28 August 2008

Be the Change

or the Question
or the Discourse.

OK. I'll start here. If one parent is "white" and the other parent is "black", what is the rule or convention that labels her/him African American? Why is the "black" part stickier than the "white"?

I'm looking for thorough response here, i.e., give me the history.

*Image borrowed from this web page

23 August 2008

There's No Time

...to talk about everything that deserves talking about in my life these days. Best I can do at this point is a bullet-list of points of interest. I'm still looking for an away-from-the-office setup so I can return to SITC. Soon...I'm sure.

  • A holiday on St. George Island with my sisters. What a beautiful weekend. I wasn't expecting it and it feels really important...
  • It's already time to leave my new job. The mission is spot-on: the setting is a bad fit. I'm reading "The Four Hour Work Week" and networking with people working non-traditional jobs. I'm done with working in offices for other people. And I mean it this time.
  • I have osteopenia. I am following the Rx--15 minutes daily of direct sunlight, CitriCal Plus tablets three times a day, 3-5 servings of dairy--except for the "quit smoking" part.
  • I've had a couple of "dates". If I don't have some fun on one pretty soon, I'm swearing off "dating."
  • Just when I got my bike completely outfitted, summer hit New Orleans full blast. I lasted about two weeks pedaling around in 95 degree heat. I'm back on the bus for now until either the heat/humidity ease up or I get a scooter.
  • Couch Surfers!!!! Yay! Meeting folks from around the globe as they spend a few days in my house. What a sensible, humane, progressive project. If you haven't heard about it, check it out here
OK. Gotta go. This is a friend's computer and we're on our way to Whole Foods.