02 March 2010

Until It's Time

My time in New Orleans draws to a close.

What a strange sojourn this one. Will I ever see this place again?

It's my heart's desire to live in New Orleans, a yearning I'm hard pressed to explain. There are so many things that are broken, that don't "work" here.

Something about New Orleans is deeply familiar to me, like a dream remembered.

The longer I am here, the closer my resemblance to the person that the folks back home warned me not to become. Moving away from New Orleans would be inconceivable had I not run out of subsistence resources.

I am true to myself in a solid, unblinking way here. I am unmasked.

New Orleans won't pay me to be here and I'm still too tame and timid to survive by my wits. I have been civilized away from a certain brand of wildness that would have served me well in New Orleans. I am a horse trained to prance who can no longer gallop.

Prancing Horse
sculpture by Melanie Deegan

Leaving New Orleans for now. Until it's time to return.

CA, here I come...