02 March 2010

Until It's Time

My time in New Orleans draws to a close.

What a strange sojourn this one. Will I ever see this place again?

It's my heart's desire to live in New Orleans, a yearning I'm hard pressed to explain. There are so many things that are broken, that don't "work" here.

Something about New Orleans is deeply familiar to me, like a dream remembered.

The longer I am here, the closer my resemblance to the person that the folks back home warned me not to become. Moving away from New Orleans would be inconceivable had I not run out of subsistence resources.

I am true to myself in a solid, unblinking way here. I am unmasked.

New Orleans won't pay me to be here and I'm still too tame and timid to survive by my wits. I have been civilized away from a certain brand of wildness that would have served me well in New Orleans. I am a horse trained to prance who can no longer gallop.

Prancing Horse
sculpture by Melanie Deegan

Leaving New Orleans for now. Until it's time to return.

CA, here I come...


  1. Godspeed, Alex. And please keep us posted here about living in Cali.

  2. when i think of new orleans i think of you. what am i going to think of now?
    wish you a safe journey.

  3. oh,my dear.... so good to read yr blog again-sorry you have to leave yr beloved home. My heart is with you.

  4. I truly believe that you will return to your heart soon, as soon as whatever it is you are to accomplish or learn is undertaken and completed. You will take with you to NO that which is much needed when you return. As you have already noted, there is much left to be repaired in that city as well as people who are still on the mend. You will be equipped with whatever is needed to effectuate that repair and your spirit will mend those who need help mending. Stay strong as you always have been, stay connected to that spiritual side of you that comes as naturally as breathing air. You will return, better than when you left my friend!


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