31 December 2006

Go with the Flow

We set out from Casper this morning for the return drive to New Orleans. After a three-day delay due to record-setting inclement weather that forced closures on every interstate from here to “home” we were perky and ready to go.

The day was beautiful, the scenery sublime—bright sunshine sparkling on snowdrifts, livestock grazing in scattered clearings. As we approached the CO border, majestic snow-capped mountains appeared to the west. Breathtakingly beautiful. No place else looks like Wyoming.

About 20 miles south of Cheyenne the fuel pump blew.

We had lunch in the truck while we waited for a tow—juicy oranges, ham sandwiches and chips. We were towed back to Cheyenne to the Little America repair shop (open 15 hrs a day, seven days a week). A Sinclair gas station sits a few hundred yards away and has been my waiting room for the past three hours. Repairs are underway and we hope to be back on the road in the next 30 minutes.

It’s been an easy wait. The gas station has showers and immaculate bathrooms, big screen TV, heat and decent coffee. And Internet access!! Chatting in IM with P___, we pondered the miracles of modern technology: we locate and contact rescue using a cell phone that also permitted us to take pictures and email them to CA…sitting in Cheyenne WY, I IM with a friend in FL after sending a message to a potential client in Japan. All within the span of a half hour.

The flow = Faith, grace and digital technology.