20 March 2009

It Might As Well Be Spring

It was obviously very early and I hadn't gone to bed until 3 but I was awake and curious and energized so I got up and got busy. To the dumpster with that damned air mattress (leaking for about a month now and I can't find the leak)! Out with that beautiful corduroy skirt I'll never wear again (it's happened to me: I stopped smoking and gained weight).... Goodbye funky end table that looks like it belongs in somebody's house but not mine. Chuck the magazines I was saving for collage (good grief! Like I've ever included collage-making in one of my workshops...)

Finally dusting, sweeping, packing up, throwing out.... And smiling all the while and something especially crisp and sweet about the air this morning.

Switched on NPR while waiting for the coffee to drip and learned

Today is the first day of Spring! No wonder I'm nesting like a driven mother bird.


  1. Savor these days - they are fleeting.

  2. Spring cleaning ... ah, yes! What a lovely thing to do right about now!


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