27 July 2009

The Poem

So one part of today's lesson is "Thank God for friends".

Another part is: you must ask for what you really want (Rumi).

And the last part is: Bill is an angel.

Here's the poem I wanted to post with yesterday's blog entry.

Recognitions by Irving Feldman

Not the God, though it might have been
savoring some notion of me
and exciting the cloud where he was hidden
with impetuous thunderstrokes of summoning
-it was merely you who recognized me,
speaking my name in such a tone
I knew you had been thinking it
a long, long time, and now revealed yourself
in this way. Because of this, suddenly who
I was was precious to me.

Now I can never lose it again....

1 comment:

  1. WOW what a poem- thanks for posting it. Recognition- a noticing, accepting, anOther loving something in us that's personal, individual- something we can believe- should be somewhere on Maslow's pyramid, maybe after food & breath. Or is love already there? DOES love include Recognition?


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