16 May 2010

The Window

They stand so close their breath stirs the other's hair.
Mother and Daughter.

Some things cannot be undone.
We make history -- no matter what we choose.
We make a story, we journey together
And arrive continually, again and again
Face to face.

How much truth can be spoken? How much can be heard?
How do we find each other --
spinning in the vast black universe that holds us...
trapped in the tight white cocoon of our imperfection and fear?

Love is a mysterious tie that binds.
Love breathes us.

Open the window.
It's starting to rain.


  1. Dear Alex, where you are you now? still at your friend's house in california? how's life treating you or how are you treating life?

  2. Hello Natalia -- Very sweet that you surface here soon after I dream of you. I am in CA still and my life goes much as I write here on SITC. Thanks for reading. How goes your life?


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