20 October 2010

Grand Opening

I have cleared what I viewed as the First Hurdle in the Landmark Effectiveness Seminar: I have created an intention.

My intention is to be visible in the World as a committed, working artist.

It's true -- I'm feeling "tah-dah" and invigorated and clear in mind like I'm standing on top of a mountain. It took a couple of weeks of drafting to come up with this stated intention. It started with something like "I will find or create a stream of gainful employment for myself" and evolved to the statement above. The process was provocative and the result is a statement that feels graceful and powerful to me.

And also

I am scared shit-less when I read it. Who am I kidding? How am I supposed to transform from a wannabe poser to a bonafied artist?

I am terrified, actually because it feels like my last stand. Like if I don't get my act together now, I might as well find a grenade to sit on.

I know this is not my last stand. Intellectually. I only feel like this is my last stand. I consider whether my fear is evidence that my intention is just more inauthenticity: me blowing smoke up my ass.

What is most significant to me, what I've decided to "go with," is the heightened power, freedom, strength, clarity, enthusiasm, willingness and confidence I feel when I say, aloud,

My intention is to be visible in the World as a committed, working artist.

Also significant, everyone who's heard my intention says they are, in the words of Landmark, "touched, moved and inspired" by it.

Yeah, I think I'll go with this.


  1. Oh, my Friend! I second everyone's reaction..... I'm touched, moved, & inspired. Remember: an Artist is someone who produces art. A poser is someone who calls themselves an artist.... but doesn't produce. You're most definatley the former, whatEVER you call yourself! LOVE.

  2. Poser? what poser? I've always known you as an artist. One I am inspired and amazed by. Enjoy the process of revealing your true self.

  3. Ditto, but let me add that it would certainly be your last stand should you sit on a grenade. I respectfully ask that, whatever the evolution of your intention turns out to be, you refrain from grenades. Love you too much for that!

  4. Please DO go with it.



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