19 March 2011

Willing to Reconsider

My heart hurts when I think about us.

Certainly we don't really want to hurt others. We don't really want to live surrounded by people while isolated from them.

And yet...

We see what we see. We believe what we believe. We think we're right. Of course we do.

And maybe we are right. But maybe we aren't.

There's so much more room, so much more possible between us if we can only allow that maybe we aren't right.....

Maybe the third man from the left in the ninth row isn't bored by my performance (as I assumed); maybe his only brother died last week and he's numb.

Maybe there was no hidden agenda or innuendo (as you assumed) when I asked if you lived alone.

Maybe she's not ungrateful; maybe she declined your invitation because she just doesn't like dinner parties.

My heart hurts. It's time to close FaceBook again.

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