30 December 2011

One of These Mornings

Dear You Know Who You Are

I'm about to disappear.  Again. 

You don't need me -- or if you do, neither one of us is aware of it.

Last time I unFriended you, you sent me an email to flatter my stage work and let me know that unFriending you broke your heart.  You said "I want you in my life."  You used those words. I saved the email for awhile as proof.  Proof for who, I wonder?

Anyway, there's never a time for us to get together. We make dates and you break them.  Every single time.  You broke the date in the last 12 hours leading up to meeting time.

I am a confused voyeur, witnessing your FB conversations with others about how great last night was. Yes, I unsubscribed from your feeds and deleted you from the list of folks who can view my updates

but I'm getting to be like a bird lately -- flying with a light load

a light List

There's your name. We live spittin' distance apart and you break every date we make. It's not the date-breaking that's working my nerves. It's me leaving your name on my FB list just so you can see it there. Yeah, I know:  better women than I would just ignore you.  I'm odd that way.

Best wishes.  Every bright thing for your life. I am not angry; I just don't get it and I'm gone now.