07 February 2012

Whose Lips to Read

In my family, we don't talk about "things". So this morning I opened email and found a message from my sister addressed to me and my son.  The Subject line was "FYI".

She said Mommy has been seriously ill for about three weeks and begged us not to call. She said Mommy was resting and she (my sister) was not in a position to receive calls or make calls at this time. She said

We will try to plan a family teleconference for this weekend, perhaps.

I emailed back my availability. My son was online and as soon as my message appeared in his email box he dialed me.
He wanted to share what he knew.  He'd recently had a telephone conversation with my youngest sister and learned that the "illness" is stage IV cervical cancer. He's flying home this weekend at her urging. 

I don't have a plan.

My family, like so many people, has a hard time talking about "things".

I'm having a little trouble thinking about "things" this morning...