19 October 2012

Late Sharing of a Possibly Worthless Post

The post that follows was written a couple weeks ago. I'm not even gonna re-read it. Just post it because I don't want to throw it away. Let me know if there's something here for you. I'm always interested to hear from readers.


I'm in a mood. "Discontentment" is one way of describing it.  It's not mysterious. In the almost-48 hours since the first of this year's presidential 'debates' between Obama and Romney concluded:
  • I finished reading Sam Harris' keenly intelligent Letter to a Christian Nation,
  • talked on the phone with Daddy -- he's depressed, largely immobile and reading the Bible, "this time, cover to cover"
  • browsed MSNBC online video catalog of debate-related reaction/analysis/commentary. One thing led to another and before I realized it, it was 4 a.m. I'd been chain-smoking all night; out to the front porch between video clips...
  • finally to bed a little before 6 a.m.
Wednesday morning I baked bread.

The events just listed are a recipe for a somewhat-sour "starter" dough for a day. I woke up around noon feeling disoriented. And a little grumpy.

No appetite. Made coffee.  Stripped the bed and started laundry.

Sat down to the computer:  email...FB.. shopped for a bra...checked bank and PayPal balances.

The "Sour Day" recipe was augmented by discovering a) I have less $ in personal account because recent auto registration, tag fee and insurance payments went through; b) also less $ than expected in PayPal account;  and c) a startling, unfamiliar $100 payment to BP in my PayPal Activity register (phone conversation with gas station manager offers no resolution but phone conversation with PayPal clears the mystery).

Out to the mailbox: 
    check the mail and find a large envelope of smaller envelopes, forwarded from Berkeley, including notices from Bank of the West (I owe them for an item that arrived after I closed my account); City of Oakland (an unpaid parking citation); Dept of Education (my student loan debt with interest is around $200,000 and they have newly legislated authorization to attach wages earned from a select group of Federal employers).

    Yikes! Just re-read this...  Pretty sobering BUT, clearly, I survived that day and years from now I may find the minutiae charming or interesting.