01 September 2013

A Rare "Happy in Holly Springs" report from FaceBook

Alex Mercedes
August 14 at 1:21pm ·
Here's a rare Happy in Holly Springs report: For the second time in one year, I woke up with my wonder and bodaciousness intact and let these feelings guide my choice of clothing and walked out onto the streets of this spooky town. And for the second time, as I strolled (the first time sporting a bright green turtle parasol and today my form-fitting batik sundress) I observed little girls getting visibly excited as I approached. Both times, when I got within earshot, they called out to me, clearly anxious to engage, to say something to this strange lady. Their delight, when I look right at them and respond to their giggly "I like your dress!" or "I like how you look" with "Well, thank you, Darlin'!", is like champagne rain. I love when this happens. I cling to the memories of these little encounters on days when Holly Springs is being Holly Strange.
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J  Edrozo I like you.
August 14 at 1:28pm via mobile · Like · 1

M  WD love
August 14 at 1:42pm · Like · 1

Alex Mercedes J  Edrozo Yes! It's like they're saying "I like you" with no reservation. Feels sooooo good and resonates with my years-old fantasy of opening Miss Alex' School for Girls.
August 14 at 1:47pm · Like · 4

J  Edrozo
I visualized you and felt the same thing as those girls.
August 14 at 1:48pm via mobile · Unlike · 3

D Rohde
What state are you in, Alex? Not . . . of mind, but as in the US?
August 14 at 2:05pm · Like · 1

J  Edrozo
 Champagne rain
August 14 at 3:34pm via mobile · Like · 1

Alex Mercedes  D Rohde I'm in in MS.
August 14 at 6:51pm · Like

D Rohde
Thanks Alex. I was just curious. If you're ever back in this area I would love to see you.
August 14 at 7:47pm · Like

Alex Mercedes I'm planning to make the Girls Night Out in October.
August 14 at 8:56pm · Like

M Steuart
I would like to have seen the bright green turtle parasol.
August 14 at 9:16pm · Like

Alex Mercedes I can't photograph myself with it but will post a picture of the parasol in the next day or so.
August 15 at 12:09am · Like · 1

 Thanks for sharing this. It gives me hope.
August 15 at 7:11am via mobile · Like