06 March 2014

In Memoriam

...and I remember now one of the triggers for the awareness of mortality that I blogged about in "Beyond Understanding." It was on the occasion of Barbara England coming to mind. I Googled her and discovered she died. I played piano for her ballet classes a few years ago when I lived in Watsonville CA. She was like French pastry. I didn't know at the time that we shared a birthday. Rest in peace, dear woman. And thanks for the pleasure of knowing you.

 Barbara May England (December 17, 1933-December 19, 2012)

barbara england
Barbara England passed away peacefully on December 19, two days after her 79th birthday. An adjunct dance instructor at Cabrillo College for over 10 years, Barbara was well loved by students and colleagues. A respected dancer, she had a long and varied career that included performing with Matt Mattox and appearances in films such as the Hollywood movie Oklahoma. Her teaching career included Rockland Community College in New York, UCSC and Cabrillo. Barbara's husband, jazz musician and professor J. Carter England, passed away in 2005. She is survived by her sons, Norman and Stuart; her stepdaughter, Leslie Cirillo; and her older brother, Harry Logan. Barbara provided inspiration to many at Cabrillo and in our local community through her dancing, continuous good cheer despite challenges, and her unfailing kindness. (From her obituary at the Neptune Society and reflections by her colleague, Sharon Took-Zozaya.)