16 May 2007

Assessing the Situation

The clock is still ticking but it looks like I'm not going to

have another baby
finish my M.Div degree
own a house or property
land a recording contract
try heroin
have waist-length hair
meet Joni Mitchell
marry Charlie Ellis
work as a prostitute
read every book ever written in English
commit suicide
learn to speak Portuguese
find my bronze-shoe baby picture
become a nun or a gangster

1 comment:

  1. I disagree ... I think there is still plenty of time to do the following - perhaps the desire is what has run out:

    finish my M.Div degree
    own a house or property
    try heroin
    work as a prostitute

    maybe your thesis for MDiv could be about how a prostitute strung out on heroin can still have a spiritual existence in her own house ....

    and least, I'm still hoping she can ......

    [love ya baby - leslie]


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