31 May 2007

Jimmy and Cindy

Contemplating Cindy Sheehan's announcement, I am reminded of another hero--Jimmy Carter. I remember how my heart ached for Carter during his presidency. So often unfairly maligned while in office, his post-presidency transformation has inspired and instructed me.

There is life beyond the spotlight. My prayer and suspicion is that Cindy Sheehan is moving into and through a similar transformation. Both Sheehan and Carter were blessed and cursed to have the whole world watching while they underwent the greatest tests of their spiritual lives. The tests, the contexts for those tests and the risks attached were daunting. How could either of them help but be changed in profound ways by their experiences? Where else could they go but "higher" after what they have survived and seen and learned?

I feel blessed and privileged to have met Cindy in Crawford. Blessed and privileged to have wrapped my arms around her and been held in hers. I hope some day to meet Mr. Carter.

I thank them both for being in the world and doing the good work they do.

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