13 June 2008

When We Last Met

To tie up a few loose ends: The refrigerator mentioned in "The House on Harmony" is working just fine. I'm not thrilled about my new residence; I can admit now that impatience to have my own place drove me to a snap decision that I regret now. But I think I can tough it out for the length of the one-year lease. Yesterday a friend reminded me, "You can always break your lease, Alex. You should be happy where you live and if you're not, you have the right to move."

I'll keep that in mind but it turns out the "poor white trash" guy is the property manager and a very nice man. He lives in the house behind mine. The problematic neighbors who lived in the other half of my house when I moved in have since moved out. And neighbors from two houses across the street have come over and introduced themselves and seem like they'll make good neighbors.


None of the pictures Carlton took Beauty weekend really showed the full splendor of my hairdo but here are a couple to give you a feel for the weekend. I had a great time in the shop -- a weekly broadcast from there would rival Oprah for entertainment value.

The hairdo only lasted about 10 days. I don't think I'll try that style again: you can't wash your hair while
it's in and I had to wear a little cap at night to keep it in shape. I need a more low-maintenance kind of do. But I have to admit I felt quite elegant and sexy for 10 days.

Ultimately, I washed it out and gave myself a real-short haircut. After it grows out a little I'll try another style.


I'm still smoking (check my right hand in the picture...) but I haven't given up on quitting.


  1. That's a cool do.

    Have you ever thought of growing your hair out more, kind of a medium-length afro? I would think that would look good, too. And I imagine it would be easy to maintain. (Though I can only imagine.)

  2. Bella!
    And may your home be a home of harmony - De


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