29 May 2008

I'm Still Here

I want to be writing here but it's proving harder than anticipated to carve out time and get writer-ly in my work place.

I want to be writing because writing helps me think. I want to write here because I like having an audience and I want my friends to know what's going on around me and in me.

It's going to be a little while before I have computer and Internet access in the house on Harmony Street so I'll keep trying to show up.

Watch for a picture of my new hairdo, coming as soon as Carlton empties his digital camera and sends me the shots he took last weekend. I'm on a mission: I want to look pretty again and as an early step in that direction I visited Beauty on de Bayou and gave Jowald free reign last Friday. I'm pleased, folks are talking at work and I'm getting more play on the street.

Stay tuned....


  1. If your computer has a wifi card, you should be able to pick up the city's free wifi network.

    If your computer doesn't have a wifi card, you can buy one with a USB connection for about $30.

    Email me if you have any questions.

    Would love to see your new do.

  2. Hey Alex. I don't know if you remember me. I was the guy that borrowed your Erik Satie sheet music some time ago when you were living uptown. It was a pleasure having known you briefly. Glad to know you're doing well. Your blog is quite an interesting read.

    I've moved to Seattle last summer to work for Boeing. The place has yet to make an impression on me. I remember you said once that New Orleans is a city that you had finally come home to, spiritually or words to that effect. Unfortunately that's not the way I feel about my new surroundings. New Orleans is still on my mind and soul. I can't stay away too long.

    I'll be checking back every now and then.


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