20 May 2008

Pleasure in the Fight

Two or three people staged a grand argument in the street in front of my house last night. It was "funny" because it was almost 10 p.m. and I'd only just returned home and made a mad dash for the piano to get a taste of the Brahms Impromptu before turning in for the night.

Most of the time bird song or human whistling or singing rises up in the silence after the music. This was the first time angry yelling erupted in the wake.

After a few minutes, it was clear the woman at least was deriving some kind of good from the yelling (the other voice(s) were male); the tone of her voice grew rounder and mellower with each utterance. I couldn't see the speakers and I would be hard pressed to explain what I'm about to say but gradually the sound of the anger seemed tinged with pleasure. Near the end of the scene, the woman was actually laughing with such zesty satisfaction that I started smiling too.

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  1. And I was smiling by the time I finished reading your post!


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