02 September 2008

My First Evac

I'm back in Gulfport. How strange....

Safe and sound. Ready to go home to New Orleans. More when I can.


  1. Come on Alex, tell us some stories of your adventure. The worst, the funniest, insightful, the most ironic.
    Here's one, we road our bikes to Radio Shack after the storm. It was completely dark inside, the only way we even suspected it was open, the front door was propped open held by a paint can. The clerks were giving receipts using pads and #2 pencils. Radio Shack without electricity, that's ironic.

  2. I want to share stories but it's hard to do without Internet access and a computer. I'm "sneaking" time at work to write these lines....

    My evac was a vacation. Left on Friday so there was no traffic at all. Stayed in a big house with lots of food and a piano. So it was cushy

    ...and even so. I was ready to walk back to New Orleans if I had to on Wednesday. I wanted to go home.


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