30 September 2008

Ten Minutes Til

I am reading the latest issue of The Oxford American

and you should be reading it to0 (follow the link to an order blank; what a steal!). This issue is devoted to New Orleans, 3 years after "the storm" and it's some of the best writing I've ever read. Plus it feels so good to be familiar with the names and places and images I find. I live here now.

My job, the "wonderful" opportunity that seemed too good to be true and enabled me to move back to New Orleans, is ending. It was too good to be true and and it enabled me to move back to New Orleans.

Starting last week (or earlier) I am orchestrating a transition from office worker to... I have a piano student and a performance gig in October and contact info for a cellist I want to work with. I'm joining Toastmasters and trying to get a workshop facilitation gig set up for Bay St. Louis. I'm working on a grant proposal.

It's time, again, to live a patchwork lifestyle. Most everyone says New Orleans lends itself to living in patchwork. I've sorta taken that impression myself from the lives of my little circle of friends here. Every other week is another economic crisis in the world outside Big Easy but beyond giving Fear more room at the Table, I don't know what I could/would do differently. If there's a way to be financially stable without trading in heart and mind, please count me in or show me how. In the meantime, I'm reverting to form, returning to the rhythm that sometimes robs me of sleep but still leaves me free in the ways I apparently need to be free.

"a boyfriend pillow"------>

I am in love. Find the Jazz Vipers online and give them a listen. Then come on down here and we'll go see them live at the Spotted Cat.


  1. You can check them out at www.jazzvipers.com!




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