08 April 2011

Over My Head

This is the sky above me today. When the sky looks like this, the intro to the animated TV show "The Simpsons" always comes to mind so I call these "cartoon clouds."

Sometimes, cartoon clouds inspire me to sing a song we used to sing in my childhood church:
Over my head
There is music in the air
Over my head
There is music in the air
Over my head
There is music in the air
There must be a God somewhere.
Note: The sky has changed completely in the last three minutes. There is no sun and hail stones are hammering the roof...

My sphere of influence in the world is limited. This is a sobering but not disempowering thought. Yesterday I spent the day singing, practicing Chopin and Bach on piano, learning how to use Garage Band software and recording (trying, at least) two songs from "Holy Fire: Ecstatic Heart Songs" (formerly known as The Ecstatic Heart Song Book). In other words, I spent the day taking action within my sphere of influence.

I felt strong

I learned something
remembered something
loved something

I was focused
full of hope

I speak often about 'the work". The phrase has two applications in my lexicon:

One kind of "work" involves the collection of abilities and personal interests that are sometimes called "talents." They are recognized and distinct from other things I do because
  • my psyche is flooded with a "yes" sensation when I do them
  • even challenging aspects are suffused with joy
  • often, the World disappears and Who I Usually Am also disappears
The other way I use "the work" is in reference to the ongoing inevitable work of my spirit. It involves activities like
  • thinking
  • praying
  • paying attention
  • studying
  • listening
  • crying (and laughing)
  • surrendering
  • risking
The two forms of "work" intersect and overlap and interact. Each enables and supports the other. I believe "the work" is all that matters in the end. Seeing cartoon clouds sometimes pulls my wandering attention to pointed focus and reminds me of what I believe; simultaneously setting me free from whatever illusions about priorities might be holding me at the moment. "Oh, yes! I am a part of that music over my head and it is a part of me."

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