23 April 2011

Right Before "After the Party"


In Russian mythology, the three Zorya are goddesses-attendants to the sun god. As well as bringing warmth and light to the world, the sun represents the brightness of intellect, creativity, and fertility.

Meanings: An expansive, life-affirming energy. Creativity. Relationships with children. Fertility. Love. Masculine, or yang, energy. Reversed: Unwillingness to accept affection. Blocked creativity. Problems with expanding to the next phase of a project. Feeling thwarted.

IV. POWER: FREYJA (Associated with the Suit of Staves)

Freyja, the Norse goddess of creativity, love, and beauty, shows that true power lies in the ability to discriminate between aggression and passivity—and the ability to choose between them at the right time.

Meanings: The ability to use power wisely. Awareness of one’s power. The ability to lead and inspire others. Knowledge of how to “work the system.” Reversed: Oppressed by another’s power and authority. Insecurity. Loss of personal power.


These are my cards right before the "Not For Sissies" Performance and Birthday Bash. Nice.....

I have no script, props, lighting cues, set, recorded sound, equipment. 30 minutes ago, while drinking coffee and having first cigarette, the idea of "After the Party" occurred. I decided last night to dress like african royalty and that triggered a sense of a festive occasion--a party, a graduation, an opening. And that triggered Fannie (my mother) which triggered BDSM protocols.

I think I have my "launch" for the performance.

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