08 May 2013

There is a Wholeness to Life

I don't know how much longer FaceBook and I will stay together.  The relationship feels decidedly strained lately. I just posted the following to my FB Artist Page, then decided -- especially after the last blog post here -- that this might be a good time to start training myself away from storing intimate reflections from my creative life on FB.

I finished writing here and went up to Christ Church for a few hours of piano work.

Just back from practice. Some of the biggest magic and deepest mystery in the universe is this: how a score that I cannot find my way into on one day is suddenly on another day wide open to me...the light goes on, I "get" it. The practice changes from an experience of plodding through a city dump to a feeling of flying over a complex, beautiful landscape. Today's a-ha happened with Clara Wieck Schumann's Romance #3.... At one point, something even of the love between her and Robert was revealed.... Amazing.