06 March 2015

It Begins Now

where I am it is 28 degrees and there are patches of snow on the ground and the sound water dripping and puddling in the air.

where I'm going in one week, it is 82 degrees.

If things go as planned, one week exactly from this moment I will be 30 minutes in the air, flying from Memphis to Chicago where I will wait for 5 hours and some minutes to get onto a plane where I will remain for 12 hours. In the air, for 12 hours!  Imagine it!

Yes, "anticipation" is morphing into excitement now. Jittery about my language skills but resigned:  I am going to Brazil, where most people do not speak my native tongue. I'll get by.

Through a California friend, I have made the acquaintance of a young couple who live in Rio de Janeiro. The wife and I have begun to talk on Facebook. As best I can understand, they are theater people. I won't catch the show they are preparing for but I will meet them face to face the day after their show and spend a few days in their home. We will attend an entertainment extravaganza the second night of my stay:  live music and dance + film + exhibit by Mozambican performers and artists. Sounds exciting and everything is 1/2 price in Brazil for people age 60 and over.

My plan is to write about this Great Brazilian adventure here on the blog and post pictures on Facebook. I know some of you don't "do" FaceBook so I may add a page to the blog and post some or all photos there. Stay tuned.

It is illegal to smoke cigarettes in public spaces in Brazil. I have purchased nicotine patches and may use this trip to attempt another quit. I equate it with giving up anti-depressant medication when I reached New Orleans...