09 July 2007

A Dream

Last night I dreamed I returned to high school. There were only two members in each section of the orchestra but they still rehearsed in a large room and placed their chairs in First and Second seats, on the same spot on the floor as if they were in a full orchestra.

Pat Thompson cut my hair into a great new look. She was taller and slimmer and more confident than I remember her from waking-life high school. I suspected it was a hairdo I couldn't maintain.

I kept trying to have conversations with one of my teachers before or after class but each time I tried, a small group of students joined us and interrupted by talking really fast and loud right into the teacher's face. I finally grabbed the biggest girl's face and said "Would you...." but she mistook the shape of my lips for a pucker and began to kiss me. I held her in my arms and kissed her because it reduced the interference--but I knew I couldn't hold and kiss 3 students at a time.

One young teacher had been complaining to other teachers (but not saying anything to me). School policy required him to stay in the building after hours as long as a single student remained in the building; I had been staying late, trying to have the previously mentioned conversation, for several days so he'd been keeping later hours at school than he wanted. I'd had no idea I was inconveniencing anyone. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions.


Note: I slept without AC in LA last night. Apparently hot nights make for memorable dreaming. Like fever.


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