12 December 2007

Three Beans

Somewhere between midnight and daybreak I woke up with a start, frantic to remember whether "thanksgiving" had already passed. A dream had excited tremendous eagerness to celebrate "thanksgiving." I didn't come fully awake; just realized (or remembered) that "thanksgiving" is always ahead of me and went back to sleep.

A few hours later I woke again: my air mattress was deflating. I'd already filled the bathtub with water (to try to find the leak) when I remembered having absentmindedly parked a sewing needle in the mattress last night while doing some mending. I crack myself up sometimes.

I found a quote. If you substitute "hope" for "happiness" it's a pretty accurate statement of my opinion of hope.

I am not at all interested in the pursuit of happiness. I am interested in pursuing truth, and the truth often seems to be not happiness but its opposite.
--Jamaica Kincaid

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