26 December 2007

Watch this Video

I'm not kidding. It's about half an hour long so maybe you don't have time right now. OK. But seriously, watch this video. And then let's talk.



  1. what a great explication! Thanks for the link- also check http://www.revbilly.com/ if you haven't already; we really CAN stop shopping and end our participation with the Man's perfidy- it really IS our little pennies that keep the monster going, and we have some control over that, life-changing as it is.... so here's to more & more authentic power to us ALL!

  2. Someone put a link to this on the minster's chat recently. Although I didn't find any really new ideas I did benefit from what Pam called the quality of the "explication". I get excited that such good presentation might energize people around issues about which I so often feel powerless - especially the eviction of people from the land, the externalization of costs, and the rise of the corporate person. I am not resigned and yet I notice that I didn't follow through with my intention to put a link to the video on my own blog.

  3. Alex, what do YOU think of this? What are the questions raised for you?

  4. Occurs to me that the knowledge, the awareness of the web of consumption, can be debilitating when accepted without alternatives to Shopping in maintaining whatever lives we live; if we're paying taxes in the USA, we're In It, and getting Out seems like we'd be hamsters leaping from the running wheel- spinning off into space!- or crashing when we suddenly stop the treadmill- reference the Hope post: we CAN do this, a little at a time, just as we were made to do.


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