11 May 2009

How Many Sojourners Does It Take To Open a Window

I am looking for Social Proof. What do regular people do after posing a question in email when the recipient replies withou't addressing the question? Is it pushy to write back, repeating the original question? Is it weird to ask "Why didn't you answer my question?"

I get the impression many or most questions are understood as hypothetical. So, how do we signal, in writing, that we are posing a real question?


  1. how would you know a real answer?

  2. Great question.

    In the situation I'm describing, any kind of answer will do -- real, fantastic, sarcastic... I just can't figure out if the person missed the question altogether OR they saw it but think the question is rude/inappropriate/difficult/offensive/stupid/whatever and so they're ignoring it OR they saw the question and thought I meant it hypothetically or theoretically OR they saw the question but they don't know the answer OR....

  3. if it's really true that any kind of answer will work, looks like the question is a waste of time. too many questions cultivates confusion; that's just kinda darkside if intentional

  4. You're missing my point but you seem to be having fun. Sometimes that's the best you can hope for.


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