11 May 2009

The Suckling Dream

I am looking for an apartment but have limited funds. I respond to a sublet ad. The current tenant, in the dream, is a woman I don't know. In waking life she is Megan Bronson, a young female acquaintance who lives in New Orleans.

She will be gone for six months. The apartment is 4 rooms on the second floor. The place is a mess. She is leaving her furniture. And her boyfriend -- a short,
fleshy, timid, dark-haired young man who smells very good.

I move into the apartment and gradually come to tolerate the mess. At dinner one night the boyfriend shyly admits that he will never leave the apartment because his girlfriend nurses him and he is addicted to the suckling as well as the milk. He blushes when he tells me how much he misses her but he also exudes deep contentment.

We share a bed. I sleep with my back to him. Each night he rests a little closer to me. He curls up against my back and somehow his body heat endears him to me. I begin to contemplate becoming a wet nurse to this adult baby...uncertain whether I want to begin. What happens when she returns?

I gradually come to realize that he does not want me to suckle him. He wants his Mommy only for that. It's just that he can't sleep alone. And I know I am growing accustomed to him at my back. What will I do when the sublet ends?

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  1. Ineresting thought that one inherits all of the personal trappings of the subletee, including friends & lovers. It's like plugging yourself into another life.


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