09 May 2009

Map of Today

What an extraordinary morning this is!

If last night I'd been asked before falling asleep

What will happen tomorrow?
What kind of day will it be?

my response might easily have included some of the same elements represented in the bright reality I know in this moment as


I surely would have mentioned coffee music blogging

sporadic bursts of yoga/dance body work

The coffee is good. The perfect potency, -- bold, dark, opinionated

temperature, -- hot enough to stand up to the heavy splash of cold milk I add (with a tablespoon of sugar.....do I need to apologize to someone?) but not so hot I'm forced to drink carefully. I like to drink in mouthfuls not sips.

and quantity -- I make coffee the Chemex way: waiting for water to boil....placing a paper cone in the top of the carafe....grinding beans in my little Black&Decker Smart Grind (impossible, I realize on this bright morning that demands realization, without the luxury and miracle of Electricity)...waiting for coffee to "arrive" - drop by drop.

Brewing a specific amount of coffee is always tricky. Sometimes I don't make enough and find myself physiologically stranded a couple of hours later, trying to decide if I "really" want another cup, want it badly enough to go through the process, again... Other times I make too much and think of saving it for iced coffee later in the day even as I admit it's been 20 years since I drank morning coffee later over ice. It's just one of those ideas that occur during Keen Awareness of Ecology moments.

The computer is on and the iTunes DJ leads me through a landscape that is both familiar -- I chose and imported the songs into the Library that the DJ uses-- and, also, strange and improvised since the DJ shuffles the Library and plays cuts in a randomized sequence; I hear Bach then Gustavo Santaolalla (music from Brokeback Mountain) then Angelique Kidjo then Nina Simone then Peter Gabriel then Neville Brothers then '70s era Crosby Stills Nash and Young....JoJo Reed.......Beethoven.

It's fun.

Both inspiring and facilitating the yoga-dance bursts. I like dancing at home alone -- I almost wrote "I am freer and less self-conscious than when I'm dancing in public"....but that would overlook the great nights of dancing in The Spotted Cat (which is rumored to have changed into something else not nearly as cool.....how could it be when The Jazz Vipers aren't part of the mix?). Those were the days. Is the word "halcyon"?

halcyon |ˈhalsēən|
denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful : the halcyon days of the mid-1980s, when profits were soaring. See note at calm .
1 a tropical Asian and African kingfisher with brightly colored plumage. • Genus Halcyon, family Alcedinidae: many species.
2 a mythical bird said by ancient writers to breed in a nest floating at sea at the winter solstice, charming the wind and waves into calm.

Artist: Mario Algaze. “Nina Simone600”

Even waking up early (although waking up alert, full of energy AND ready to actually get out of bed is at least noteworthy for me) is easily within the realm of possible predictions I'd have made about Today

if last night I'd been asked before falling asleep

What will happen tomorrow?
What kind of day will it be?

What's most remarkable about this day lies in the exquisite detail that only Chance lends. (Some call this aspect God. Others thank the saints or the ancestors. And others chock it up to Good Luck.)

For example: When I first opened my eyes this morning, the house was full of soft, glowing light. The sun was not really up yet so there was no heat in the brightness. Ahhhh, refreshing after yesterday, the first of those days that smack your face and remind you that, Fool, this is Louisiana where Summer makes folks humble. Refreshing to fill the lungs with cool morning air.

I take Air and Light somewhat for granted so I might not have remembered to mention them in my prediction.

This is Day Five of No Cigarettes. The coffee is begging for a smoke accompaniment but there's no tobacco in the house.

Now is that a "plus" or a "minus" on this beautiful new morning?


I said "yes" to Roberto and his girlfriend Monia. They will arrive next Saturday.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me. I am touched by the earnest, solicitousness of your replies. Something akin to guilt bubbles into the back of my throat....I was sincerely interested to hear your opinions. Some of you responded as though you perceived me to be struggling and in need of assistance making a decision....which was not the case. But you responded with such sincerity and heart and focus....I feel a little undeserving.

Anyway, I will likely post here after they arrive and report what unfolds.

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