22 December 2012


Some friends in CA sent me a birthday/holiday gift this week. They are a beautiful young family with two musical, artistic children ages 7 and 10. This is a game they love and since they were paying attention back in August when I said I love games, it occurred to them to gift me this way.

I cannot express how touched I am. What feels better than being listened to?

I watched a demonstration of the game on YouTube. It looks like fun. When a neighbor stopped by last night to RSVP he and his wife's attendance at the party I'm hosting next weekened, I showed him the game and explained it a liltle bit.

The game requires players to look at one of the picture cards dealt to them and come up with a word or words or sounds to describe it; then, after that card is displayed with other cards, the other players try to identify it. My neighbor commented, "But your description can't be just describing the card?"

This is one of the beauties of the game:  the rules do not prohibit the active player from simply describing the card in her hand. The twist lies in the scoring system. If all the other players guess which card belonged to the active player, they each score 2 points and the active player scores nothing. This encourages the active player to avoid a simple, unimaginative description. If less than all of the others guess correctly, the active player gets 3 points.

The subtlety of this system and its encouragement of creative imagination thrill me.

Now to find someone to play with....  Maybe at the party after the party this weekend?