25 December 2012


I just drove from Memphis to Holly Springs in blinding rain. My eyeglasses are shot and vision in my left eye is still obstructed and I was unfamiliar with the area I left from in Memphis. The car started acting funny; it stuttered and shuddered every time I shifted into 5th.

Tense drive. Difficult journey. 

I logged into FB after returning home and found the image above on my Wall. .I started thinking about journey generically and as metaphor.

I had passed on having dinner with Carlton and his family, preferring to spend the balance of the day alone; but halfway home, teeth clenched and gripping the wheel tightly, I had the sense that the journey would have been easier with someone along for the ride.

Some journeys are more dificult than others; though every journey is risky business since arrival is never guaranteed. You will end up somewhere -- but it might not be where you set out to go.

My mind is full now of journey-related ideas:
  • How does journeying relate to sojourning?
  • Some journeys are definitely easier to make alone and some can only be made alone.
  • Journeys happen between departure and arrival, in the space from "here" to "there"
  • Sometimes we have a plan, we know where we're going, there's some place we are headed. Sometimes we are forced to go, propelled by strong belief...or circumstance; called by passion ....or lured.
  • Music as journey and the journey of the musician
  • The view at the start of a journey...and the view of the same journey at the end
 Inspired to follow this idea, these snippets out and see if there's material for a show.