20 February 2009

Another Aha! Moment

Since forswearing my longtime stimulant of choice -- cigarettes-- I have not been the brightest bulb in the box. For years, stepping outside to smoke was practically a guarantee of a bright idea emerging. I'm learning how to think again. (I'm not making this up. There is research to support my claim.)

I just had a bright idea. On a par with my brightest nicotene-induced notions. Here it is:

In this job hunt, I've eliminated some fairly good prospects because the ad said 'Must have reliable transportation" and I don't have a car. It just dawned on me: I have a bike. The employer may not think of a bike as a reliable means of transportation but it is a reliable means of transportation. Granted, for job sites 5 or 10 miles away a bicycle is not an option for me; but here in town? Why not?

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